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    When friends/family ask for free Graphics

    None of my friends, family, or anybody else I know in real life, for that matter, have asked for Graphic Design work. If they were to, I probably wouldn't charge them for labor time, but If they were to get pushy, I'd ask them to be patient, and if they kept on harassing me about the work, I...

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    I don't know. Nobody knows - and everybody has the right to choose to believe in whatever they want to believe in. The biggest problem is no one has come back from the dead to tell us what happens. A few people I have spoken to that believe in reincarnation believe your reincarnated as a...

    Other Advertising Techniques

    If you are looking for an alternative, and you are happy being paid through Bitcoin, I'd recommend A-Ads. They paid by click and by x amount of impressions, so it truly is the best of both worlds. I've cashed out over 100$ from them from my make money forum website earnings, and it's probably...

    Brave Browser

    Been paid by Brave Browser. The BAT (Token Provided by Brave) automatically gets set to your UpHold wallet. I tried cashing out at 5-8 pounds, but it wouldn't let me until I reached £10 which is roughly equivalent to 13.67$. It was well worth the wait - and the best part? It blocks all of those...

    Bizdustry - Business & Economics Community

    I am glad that you are enjoying our make money forum community. We are still working to fight low-quality replies out and other messages that either has no value or are clearly posted primarily for the incentive. We have some big plans in the pipeline which we hope to be released to the...

    Twitch/YouTube Sponsorship

    I've had a handful of YouTube sponsors for my make money forum - YouTube channel. Accepting payment after work completion can cause you issues - especially if the client isn't willing to pay when you've already provided the service. That's why I always ask my clients to spend at least half...

    Last Movie Watched?

    The last movie I watched was the new James Bond No Time to Die film. To say the least, it's a fantastic film with a breathtaking, emotional ending where James Bond dies in an explosion and puts his life first to save the world! I was on the edge of my seat in the cinema throughout the duration...

    Longest drive in one trip?

    The longest drive would probably be 4 hours here - and this was a family traveling adventure to Cornwall, which is situated in the south of the UK. Trips lasting over 3-4 hours, it's best to stop off on the way to a service station, get something to eat, fill up on gas (petrol/diesel), and smash...

    Graphics Stolen?

    Nobody has stolen my graphic design work before or work that I have paid for and legally own in a court of law. If somebody did steal them, I would ask them to remove the infringement before speaking to a lawyer about my options - possibly a DMCA request - which is costly along with legal...

    Last Game Played?

    Last game that I played was Minecraft. It's crazy how skilled some of the players are - and how quickly they can build boxes and all sorts of buildings. Yes, I can find my way around the keyboard without looking at it - but speed - well, that's another thing. Only had one kill on Fortnite in my...

    What Antivirus/Spyware Remover Do You Use?

    I use Malwarebytes, the premium version for my everyday anti-viral needs on my computer. If my computer gets infected with Adware, I'll use the company free AdwCleaner that Malwarebytes provides to its customers. They definitely do better than most anti-virus programs out on the market.

    Free or Premium Software?

    It really depends on the software. The price tag doesn't always mean better quality - for example, WordPress is free or you could opt for a Premium Version of Wix? WP would be a better solution as you have much more control than the premium version of Wix.

    What Social Media sites do you use?

    You missed my own earn money forum that I am running as an owner. Oh, you mean larger social networks? Probably Facebook and Discord, with WhatsApp being used for business purposes primarily. Having too many social networks creates too much confusion and I'm unable to keep my online presence...

    Easiest way to start recording

    As for background music, you have to be careful and adhere to various Copyright Laws around the world. I use NoCopyRightSounds on YouTube and disclose credits to them in the description of my videos. I would recommend using Bandicam to record on Windows - if you're making an instructional video...

    How much censoring should be on the internet?

    I agree with Joshua Farrell here. I own a make money forum and as an independent forum owner, I don't censor content that is not in clear violation of the law or our Terms of Service. The biggest problem is finding the balance between censoring content that might cause alarm or distress, and...

    Which is your main browser?

    I can remember my primary browser being Google Chrome for many years. It's changed to Brave Browser which still runs off the Chromium technologies - but the difference? It offers Crypto Currency incentives for surfing the internet and provides utmost privacy, including an advertisement blocker...

    Bing is better than Google

    It's because Google has many more services than Bing offers that are more WIDELY used by people surfing the web. For example, I can remember when YouTube was privately owned before the media firm got sold to Google. In addition, at one point, Google did own a social networking company called...

    Whats a good cloud storage site?

    One Drive, DropBox, and Google Drive are all excellent open-source alternatives to paid cloud storage. You have to find the service which suits your needs and the one you like the general user interface the most. For me, this would be Google Drive, giving you 15G for free. As I use other...

    HP Laptops

    HP Laptops are okay if you are the average person who wants them primarily for surfing the web and word processing. However, if you're enjoying it for anything else, like gaming, mining crypto, or performing multiple actions at any given one time, you need a better PC brand and specifications. I...

    The teacher that influenced you most

    Interesting question. This question reminds me of my childhood during my school years. It would probably be my English Teacher who touched on the meaning of life in every class, and she played the lava song at the end of each lesson which reminded us all to focus as we haven't got an infinite...

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