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  1. Joshua Farrell

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    Basically, the term to refer to someone who has wisdom beyond their years. Others tend to use it as someone who is more enlightened than other people who are their age. Here are 11 signs that can help to identify if you are one: 1. You have a preference for solitude 2. You’re sensitive and...
  2. Joshua Farrell

    Self Mastery?

    The biggest thing I see in self mastery, is to figure out what ones fears and doubts are, and then learning how to to overcome them, so that your ability to do things would not be hindered by the ever cloud of "what if".
  3. Joshua Farrell

    The Collecting Thread

    I've collected a number of older coins over the years. Hoping that at one point, I would be able to sell them off to a collector, to be able to help with my life situation as it happens. The oldest coin I have, has a pretty good potential value. So holding onto it would be a treat in the future...
  4. Joshua Farrell

    Life changing books

    The 7 habits of highly effective people was a pretty good book to read that helped me figure out how I want to do things in life. Helped me realize that there are some things that people take for granted, but actually need the work, to make it usable for life, and help with ones importance on...
  5. Joshua Farrell

    Successful man

    One who is able to control self, is able to enjoy a balance of work and family, and knowing when to call it quits when life throws you a curve ball. I also believe that a better man knows how to handle situations outside of his control, without it eating away at his core. Some things require...
  6. Joshua Farrell

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    If it does exist, then good. Love to experience something different than what I am experiencing now. :D I have been previously been told I am an old soul, so if reincarnation is true, then that would explain why I have particular habits and views of the world and how it operates. If...
  7. Joshua Farrell

    HP Laptops

    A large majority of the computers we have gotten over the years from HP, usually had issues that would creep into it without realizing it. We've learned over the years that if we want something that works generally better, the default choice is Dell. If we want something that works great, then...
  8. Joshua Farrell

    We got a new one > .>

    At this point in time, the speculation of planet X, would be that it is in the ort cloud, beyond the orbit of Pluto and Charon. That is, if it indeed exists. Some things in the gravity well of the system, has some quirky issues because of a potential mass somewhere in the orbit of that cloud of...
  9. Joshua Farrell

    Nostradamus doomsday prophecies

    I think he does have some decent predictions. Though people have wondered over the years on where the information came from, and why he decided to write things a certain way. The biggest thing I have understood in writing over the years, is that if you know how to express yourself in allegories...
  10. Joshua Farrell

    Disturbing Fact about Crime

    Most issues that creep up that ends up causing people to commit crimes, are generally learned, taught, and observed. A bad childhood is a contributing factor, but not always the main issue with it. You can have someone that had a perfectly normal childhood, and yet turn into a monster. I think...
  11. Joshua Farrell

    Plastics in the air

    The biggest issue I see with pollutants in the air (regardless of plastics and other forms of particulates), is that even if the government enforces needing to clean up processes to reduce those issues, it always seems to create new and just as destructive pollutants. If it worked the way it...
  12. Joshua Farrell


    Anything is possible. During that week in question, the U.S. Airforce was running a massive take over simulation for flights. If something like that was possible, it could have been listed as a potential scenario that the military was training for.
  13. Joshua Farrell

    IS life a simulation

    If life is indeed a simulation, there should be theoretical signs that it is. For example, some think that precognition could be a sign that it is a simulation, as you would have an idea of what may happen in the future. Others have labeled deja vu as being part of a simulation, as how else...
  14. Joshua Farrell

    Paranormal or Hypnagogia

    I've never had issues like this before, and haven't directly seen people with that issue. But I have had my fair share of weird situations in my family, with things happening to them at night while asleep. My sisters would sleep walk and do things, and never remember doing those things. That...
  15. Joshua Farrell


    I believe everything has a place. Some things were abandoned in the past, because of people pressuring for the abandonment of certain things like Astrology, because people thought things like that was way out there, and shouldn't belong in certain circles and in society. I think that if used in...
  16. Joshua Farrell

    Empty Places

    I think part of the reason why some relatively empty places seem to creep people out, has been due to stories and movies that tend to bring out fear of something. I know of some locations that tend to have paranormal related events, due to people believing the stories around the event, to be...
  17. Joshua Farrell

    Dream Interpretations

    I've actually had dreams where they were either directly relating to something that was of importance, that my subconscious mind wanted to bring into the conscious mind, and dreams that were in the abstract, that related to something that would happen in the future. If the dream seems important...
  18. Joshua Farrell

    What do you think of Astral Projection?

    I can never sit around long enough in position, to be able to properly relax and set myself up for something like that. Never could do so, with the number of physical issues I have had over the years. Astral Projection seems a little odd to me, as it seems like it would just be a waste of time...
  19. Joshua Farrell

    How many hours do you spend on gaming?

    For most of the week, I tend to focus generally to a max of 1.5 hours a day. Though I have been going over that time recently, as there are some games I love trying out and seeing if I can beat them. :D Sometimes limiting time to a game that is naturally difficult to play, is not wise to...
  20. Joshua Farrell

    Are you spending your time wisely with games?

    I've learned to not waste a ton of time playing games. It gets pretty difficult to do some things around the house, if I focus just on games. If I do play, it won't be any longer than the average 2-3 hour movie.

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