God men.

Lord Saru

New member
Jun 6, 2020
With the explosion of multiple religious strands, the degradation of moral values and materialism in people, there is a proliferation of God men in general terms. Almost all claim to be either divine by themselves or a incarnation or representative of a bigger God. What do you think about the reasons and the effects of God men on the society?


CD Founder
Apr 13, 2018
There are quite a bit of "God Men" out there. Some people think they're God. A lot of times it stems from a mental illness and the person is just simply confused. Something called "Delusions of Grander". I used to be just like that but I was in a confused state of mind. Other times the person is arrogant and simply thinks they're God for different reasons. A lot of it has to do with being small-minded and thinking it was even possible to be something on that scale. In my opinion, something that large of a scale is down-played too much in society. No one knows the extent of the almighty's power and if they did they would immediately know that was impossible.

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