Were going to try something different Gentlemen


CD Founder
Apr 13, 2018
As you may know we've been Cafe Discussions for some time but recently I found out it may be possible my web host did not have me on a VPS as I had signed up for and may have possibly been blocking out traffic whether or not on purpose or by accident is unclear. The site when it first went down almost 2 years ago before it came back up was offline (as the package had been ended of course) but apparently was stuck on some 401 error page where we were getting a google viewing unknown page error for some time.

I have discovered that regardless of whether or not my old web host did this on purpose, it appeared something had been wrong with the hosting itself.

I took the liberty of getting new hosting just the other day with a new company and tried out KVM virtualization which is lightning fast from what I hear at 12 gb ram and 4 cores with 80 gb disk space.

So that's what were using folks.

Because we had been using a domain while this was happening and getting little traffic I changed the domain to see how it fairs us now that we are on new server software and hardware to see what happens. We are nearing 10,000 posts and I am extremely excited. What appeared to be the issue with the previous Cafe Discussions on our previous web host is google wasn't indexing us and very little search traffic was finding us. This should be about to change from my calculations.

I see us succeed with the chosen domain MyForumCafe. Which is short and has forum in it as well as Cafe, making for a catchy forum name for the long run to stick with. I see we should be up there in search results before too long. I look forward to seeing what happens. If you are seeing change and that bothers you, rest assured it's only because we haven't got off the ground yet. Don't at all let it bother you because all forums in order to succeed have to make changes every so often to cater to the search engine and users who now when they come to the site will know it's a forum and also a forum cafe. Rather then not know what the site is about, a good reason I chose it.

The main issue members have with seeing change like this is they think it may happen multiple times in the future. Where I will give you truth to this statement is simple, if we do well then it won't. Then it will stick. By that I mean the slightest bit of sign ups that did not come from my own off-site invitations. It's doubtful I will even change it if we don't because this domain is the best one for a discussion site in my opinion. But if would have to be in "latent terms failing" for me to switch it again.

We should be good for the long run :D

Here's to a bright future with MyForumCafe! Welcome aboard (y)

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